About Us

Ajay Kushwaha

Hello! I am Ajay Kushwaha,

A business consultant, motivational speaker and professional HR. I have cleared my MBA HR. I started my career with private job and now I have 8+ experience at this age. In my job I have taken many interviews and the small mistakes that I have caught from today's generation is that of not having the right path or guidance.

My mission is to be the helping hand to maximum number of people.

So, as being a responsible and kind citizen of our nation, I believe that it is my moral duty to create an opportunity of exponential growth and learning for people and I would simply love to contribute to their success stories and letting them reach the next level of achievement and happiness with joyful and growth full life.

With an experience of my journey as a Businessman, as a Freelancer & Job, I found that Money is not only the success factor over anything but also Learning Attitude towards your Goal takes over everything. In fact, the surroundings like people & atmosphere around you matter the most.

As we all experience in our real life, most of the people do not recognize their ability at the right time, due to which they go astray. People is only believing in earning, but as per my view earning with learning is very important because we all know how much money is important for us but if you stop learning your earning also stop. In proper guidance you can do all these at the same time.

You need to apply only two words in your life which have the ability to change your life and these are:- "Learn and Act". Learn small to small things from everywhere doesn'tC matter where from you getting this knowledge from, only learn that and wait for a good time to act on that.

As Albert Einstein said "Once you stop learning, you start dying". So, keep yourself alive, let's connect and grow together. So, let's start learning and earning with me... please connect.....